--- Origins ---

Adastra Airways constructed the gravel runway on Mr JA, Smith's Frog's Hollow property.
The official opening was on the Ninth of May 1937 by the Mayor of Bega Alderman D, C, Rosenthal, a crowd estimated to be 800 attended, Constable McGrath of Wolumla police parked 200 cars at the southern end of the runway, and Inspector Martin and Sargent Caldwell of the Bega police kept the crowd at a safe distance.
Three planes where present from Sydney, the big new plane was a four passenger Waco a three passenger Fox Moth, they took joy flights until dark
They ran regular flights to Sydney with passengers and mail.
Fares were return five pound five shillings, single fare three pounds three shillings.
The time ninety minutes, one trip took seventy minutes.

--- Ownership ---

Originally Jim Smith,
BEGA Council for a short time, then The Department of Aviation, and Eric Johnston purchased it at auction in 1966, from the government.

--- Recent ---

Since the early 90s, Frog's Hollow airstrip has been home to the Frog's Hollow Flyers recreational aeroclub.
The strip is now home to approximately 17 planes including many homebuilt light aircraft and other interesting planes.